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Sophie tells it like it is: Resist Antibiotic Mania!

When fever, chills and runny nose strike, physicians at State of Franklin Healthcare Associates more often than not will say: “Go home, rest and drink plenty of liquids.”

antibiotic-familyWhile you may think antibiotics are always the best treatment, the truth is these meds only treat illnesses caused by bacteria, such as strep throat. They won’t affect the most common types of sickness – such as a cold, flu, most sore throats, bronchitis and many sinus and ear infections.

Not only are antibiotics not helpful in most situations, they may even do you harm. By taking an antibiotic, you’re not only killing bad bugs in your body but also good bacteria – which could lead to diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, breathing problems or other side effects.

Taking too many antibiotics also causes resistant bacteria – which are bugs that have out-smarted your antibiotic (due to repeated use) and can now resist its effects. This could cause more serious encounters later in life.

Help Us Reduce Antibiotics Use

  • Do your part by avoiding infections in the first place: Wash your hands often and correctly (20 seconds using soap and water).
  • Understand when your SoFHA physician doesn’t prescribe an antibiotic as part of treatment. Realize he/she has your best interest at heart.
  • Be willing to wait for a lab test that will determine exactly what bacteria you have and the correct drug for treating it.
  • If you doctor does prescribe an antibiotic, always take your medication as directed. Stopping medication too early is a big contributor to drug resistance.

Learn More about Our Approach

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