In-House Diagnostics

Mountain Region Family Medicine is now offering advanced diagnostic imaging services at our Press Building location. These services are very convenient for our patients and can usually be done on the same day as your doctor appointment.

Ultrasound Imaging: general diagnostic, vascular and cardiac ultrasound examinations are performed with a new state-of-the-art machine that utilizes high-frequency sound waves to produce moving images of the organs and structures of the body. This new generation of ultrasound equipment provides images of very high resolution and diagnostic accuracy. It is routinely used to evaluate the liver, gall bladder, kidneys, aorta, pelvic organs and the thyroid gland. Vascular ultrasound provides accurate assessment of arteries and veins in the extremities and neck. Cardiac ultrasound utilizes sound waves to identify any cardiac irregularity.

Bone Density Scanning: This examination is very useful in detecting and tracking the progression of osteoporosis. The best technique currently available in bone density scanning is dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA). This test, available at MRFM, measures the bone mass in two important areas: the hip and the spine. The test is painless and simple to conduct and usually takes less than ten minutes.

Digital X-ray & PACS: MRFM is now performing Digital X-ray exams and utilizing a Picture Archive Communication System “PACS” for advanced electronic storage and distribution of imaging exams. This high-tech system allows for digital acquisition of X-ray exams of the chest, abdomen, spine, pelvis, extremities and other both parts. Additionally, the digital images are stored electronically and can be transferred to other physicians via CD or electronically.

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