Home Visits for SOFHA Patients

If you are considered “home-bound” or were recently discharged from the hospital, the option of home visits may be the best solution to meet your needs. SOFHA social workers and/or nurse practitioners perform home visits under certain circumstances.

A social worker may ask to come to your home if you have limited support or resources. During the home visit, the social worker will assess your needs and coordinate services to help you be successful in your home environment or, if necessary, will help you transition into a more appropriate living situation.

A nurse practitioner may be able to perform an exam in your home if you are unable to come to your primary care provider’s office. The nurse practitioner is able to provide in-home services just as your primary care physician would in the clinic. From writing prescriptions to ordering labs, a nurse practitioner is able to meet most of your needs during the home visit.

Both the nurse practitioner and social worker are able to assist you with understanding new medication changes that may have occurred while in the hospital. The social worker may give you a pillbox organizer and provide tips on taking your medicines. During the home visit, one of the care providers will ensure you understand all of your medicines, are taking them properly, and ensure we have a complete list of your medicines in your medical record. All of this information will be given to your primary care provider to ensure no interruption to your treatment plan.

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