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Being Mindful of Your Time, An Update to Our Appointment and Discharge Policies

State of Franklin Healthcare strives to provide excellent, quality care to each and every patient in a timely manner. In an effort to provide care when you need it, we have updated our policies on missed or canceled appointments and patient discharges.

We try to be good stewards of your time and ours. So, when at all possible, please notify us as soon as possible and at least 24 hours in advance when you are unable to keep your appointment. We will assist you in selecting another time better for you and will still be able to allow someone else to be seen.

In addition, we need time to greet you and complete registration for your appointment. Therefore, we ask that you always arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment. Should you be running later than 15 minutes past your appointment time, we may consider this a “no show” but will make an effort to see you.

We realize things happen and you may miss an appointment. We do track missed appointments and will notify you if this happens. Your provider determines how often you need to be seen; so, to receive proper care, you need to keep or reschedule appointments within the time frame discussed at your visit.

We never want to say goodbye to a patient but sometimes circumstances cause us to determine our relationship isn’t working the way it should. If you miss or “no show” an appointment three times, you are not receiving the frequency of care you need nor are we able to use that time for another patient in need. At that point, you may be asked to establish with another provider for your care.

We feel a good relationship consists of mutual respect. However, sometimes challenges arise that may cause us to discontinue the relationship. In addition to a trend of missed appointments, other issues that qualify for dismissal include failure to comply with a prescribed treatment plan, inappropriate/ abusive behavior to providers, staff or other patients or failure to pay outstanding balances.

Please let us know if you have any questions related to our policies. We are always available to answer your questions and thank you for the privilege to participate in your care.

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