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Serving Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, State of Franklin Healthcare Associates (SOFHA) is a physician-owned and operated, patient-centered organization. We are committed to providing accessible, quality healthcare; treating all those we serve with respect, compassion and kindness, and the latest evidence-based practices.

SOFHA specialties include Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, OB/GYN, Diagnostic Imaging, Breast Center, Sleep Medicine, Physical Therapy and Pain Management. We also have a Walk-In Clinic located in Johnson City, Elizabethton and Greeneville. SOFHA is supported by over 220 providers in 27 healthcare practices.

Delivering the Best Hospital Care Possible

Our hospital-based physicians (HBP) are here to ensure patients served by State of Franklin Healthcare Associates receive superior, efficient care and have the best outcome possible if/when you are in hospital.

While you’re hospitalized, the HBP, your primary care physician and any other specialist involved will become part of your larger, on-site healthcare team, interacting regularly on your behalf. Hospital based physicians are trained to manage chronic illnesses and conditions; and, due to their constant presence in the hospital setting, can respond quickly to complications. Learn more

Our patient-centered services include:

The Acute Care Clinic (ACC) is a health service provided by State of Franklin Healthcare Associates and available to SOoFHA patients by physician referral. Launched in 2015, our clinic treats individuals with mild to moderate exacerbations of chronic conditions. This service is an innovative alternative providing timely, effective outpatient care for patients who may otherwise be hospitalized.

We take a compassionate, patient-centered approach to healthy aging by partnering with our patients to develop treatment and prevention plans designed to meet their healthcare needs and lifestyle goals.

This CLIA [Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments] licensed laboratory offers services in chemistry, microbiology, and hematology. Our Special Chemistry department provides Vitamin D, PSA, thyroid, and hormone testing. The lab conducts not only therapeutic drug testing but also standard drug screens.

We understand how waiting for screening results can be stressful for you and your loved ones. That’s why our focus is on getting results back to you as soon as possible. The Comprehensive Breast Center provides diagnostic services in our new calming and spa-like environment. 

Get the latest information about COVID-19 from State of Franklin Healthcare Associates and access to additional resources that may help answer your questions or concerns.

In partnership with Rick Hess, PharmD., Associate Professor with the Gatton College of Pharmacy at ETSU, SoFHA operates an American Diabetes Association nationally-recognized and certified Diabetes Self Management Educational Program.

Hospital-based physicians are doctors or advanced practitioners, most often trained in internal or family medicine, who serve the rotating patient population in a hospital – instead of having a personal practice. They will partner with all other medical professionals at the hospital and also with any other physicians involved – such as your own SOFHA primary care doctor – to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome during your hospital stay.

We stay focused on you at our new Imaging Center

Our state-of-the-art imaging center offers provides convenient access to high quality, advanced imaging. Our focus is the patient and delivering prompt results.


Our registered dietitian nutritionist provides nutrition counseling for individuals with specific medical needs and health conditions or for those who wish to explore the depth of nutrition’s contribution to optimizing their overall health.

The goal of palliative care is to provide relief from the symptoms, pain and stress of serious illness. It is also designed to improve the quality of life of both the patient and the patient’s family.

For patients dealing with chronic illness such as high cholesterol or heart disease, our staff pharmacists help navigate the challenges of managing medications for optimal health. The expertise they bring as a team of medication experts greatly benefit our patients.

Our physical therapists take a “hands-on” approach, promoting movement and function through exercise and functional training. Our goal is to make a positive difference in your quality of life.

The Sleep Center of State of Franklin Healthcare Associates (SOFHA) is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and offers comprehensive testing for an array of sleep disorders. Our goal is to increase awareness about the importance and potential serious consequences of untreated sleep apnea and other sleep-related disorders.

Hypertension and Diabetes Small Group Appointments

This is a one hour gathering of patients with a similar health condition, who are able to interact with a physician or nurse practitioner, clinical pharmacist and registered dietitian.

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