Small Group Appointments

This is a one hour gathering of patients with a similar health condition, who are able to interact with a nurse practitioner, clinical pharmacist and registered dietitian.

About Small Group Appointments

Small Group Appointments are designed for chronic disease management, with a focus on patients with high blood pressure.

Three participating providers:

  • Nurse practitioner
  • Clinical pharmacist
  • Registered dietitian

The one hour appointment consists of three 20-minute segments directed by each provider.

  • Nurse practitioner will provide education answering the question “what is high blood pressure and why do I have it?”
  • Clinical pharmacist will provide education answering the question “how do blood pressure medications work?”
  • Registered dietitian will provide education answering the question “how does food affect my blood pressure?”

Eight to 12 patients will participate.

Time will be allotted during each segment for questions and answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will a Small Group Appointment help me?

You will learn how to better manage your blood pressure, while interacting with other patients who also have high blood pressure.

You will gain valuable information from questions and answers being asked that you may not have thought to ask. Asking questions and receiving answers is beneficial for the whole group.

Does insurance cover Small Group Appointments?

Yes. Small Group Appointments are billed just like a regular office visit. Co-pay and deductible will apply.

What time should I arrive?

Please arrive 30 minutes before to allow for check-in and vitals.

Will my doctor be at the appointment?

No. A nurse practitioner, clinical pharmacist, and registered dietician will be with you.

If I choose to participate, will I continue to have future appointments with my doctor?

Yes. Small Group Appointments are optional and meant to support and supplement what you are already doing to manage your condition.

How often will I have to attend?

This is generally a one-time educational visit.

Do I have to speak in front of the group?

We encourage participation, but the level you participate is completely up to you.

Will the appointment take place in a normal exam room?

No. Your appointment will be performed in a large room at our Johnson City Internal Medicine Associates location.

If you have questions or would like to sign-up, please inquire with your physician.